Memo Pix


Memo Pix reinvents the classic memory game

Memo Pix is a 100% FREE game. There is no item or bonus to purchase.

Starting with the traditional card matching game, many surprises are on your way.
Here is just a glimpse of what to expect:
– Each level is unique with various patterns.
– Find the pairs, but also the trios of cards.
– Sets of cards with images, color details or shapes.
– Dynamic and rotating levels.
– And many more!

Tap the cards to reveal them, and find the matching pairs.
Make combos to multiply your score.
Achieve the objectives, complete dozen of levels, win stars and unlock new worlds.

Memo Pix is designed for the entire family. Everybody can play, from small kids to adults.
Train your brain and improve your memory skills while having fun!

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