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We make 5-stars-rated assets for the Unity engine.

Volumetric Light Beam

The simple and efficient volumetric lighting solution compatible with every platforms: Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux, WebGL, iOS, Android, VR, AR, Consoles, Built-in/Legacy Render Pipeline, SRP (URP & HDRP)!

Get the plugin | WebGL Demo | Demo (Android, WebGL, PC/Mac, VR) | Documentation | Forum

Super Pivot Free / Pro

Easily and quickly move and rotate the pivot point of GameObjects groups, using convenient Gizmo handlers directly inside Unity Editor.

Get the Pro version | Get the Free version | Forum

Super Scene Baker

Super Scene Baker is an editor tool to easily automate the process of lightmaps, reflection probes, light probes, static occlusion and/or navmesh baking on multiple scenes.

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