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Component Icon Volumetric Cookie HD Component



This component allows to specify a cookie texture to the beam, which is a mask to simulate a shadow with a specific shape or color.

Black & white cookie texture Colored cookie texture
The cookie can be a regular black & white mask to simulate specific shape and fake shadow It can also be a regular RGBA texture to have colored cookie to simulate light going through a stained glass

Cookie transform

Any kind of transform can be applied to the cookie texture (even at runtime) to simulate movement.


Inspector Cookie HD


The Volumetric Cookie HD component must be attached to a Volumetric Light Beam HD. You can use this button at the bottom of the Volumetric Light Beam HD inspector.

Attach Volumetric Cookie HD to a light beam

Shadow/Cookie and Jittering

When using this feature, we highly recommend to increase the Jittering Factor property on your HD beam.
Adding jittering allows to have a decent rendering quality by smoothing banding artifact while keeping raymarching steps as low as possible (and so good performance).
Inspector Shadow HD



How much the cookie texture will contribute to the beam rendering.


Specify the texture mask asset.
It can be a regular 'Cookie' texture or any other texture type.

Cookie MipMaps

We HIGHLY recommend to disable mip maps generation on cookie textures to prevent from having rendering artifacts around objects edges in front or inside volumetric light beams.

Texture Channel

Which channel(s) will be used to render the cookie.

  • Specify a unique channel with a black & white texture to render a regular cookie.
    Black & white cookie texture
  • Specify RGBA with a colored texture to simulate light passing through a stained glass.
    Colored cookie texture


  • False: white/opaque value in chosen texture channel is visible.
  • True: white/opaque value in chosen texture channel is hidden.



2D local translation applied to the cookie texture.


Local rotation angle of the cookie texture (in degrees).


2D local scale applied to the cookie texture.