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Component Icon Effect from Profile Component



Add a cool runtime visual FX, such as some flicker or pulse.

Instead of defining the effect properties directly on the beam GameObject (like it's the case with the Effect Flicker and Effect Pulse), the Effect from Profile component allows you to reference an Effect Profile asset.

This way, multiple beams can reference the same Effect Profile asset: tweaking the properties on the profile asset will have an impact on all beams referencing it.

Even better: the Effect Profile assets use Unity prefabs workflow (instead of Scriptable Objects) to offer hierarchy and override systems to your assets. You can create cascades of Effect Profiles, some overriding only specific properties of their parent.

This component is compatible with Unity's Light, the Volumetric Light Beam SD, the Volumetric Light Beam HD and the Volumetric Dust Particles components.


Inspector Effect From Profile


This Effect component can be attached to a Volumetric Light Beam SD or HD or to a realtime Unity SpotLight. You can use this button at the bottom of the Volumetric Light Beam inspector.

Attach Effect to a light beam

Effect Profile Assets

Effect Profile property

When you have an Effect Profile asset in your Project Browser, just drag and drop it on the Effect Profile property of your Effect from Profile Component:
Use your Effect Profile asset

How to create a new Effect Profile asset

You can create a new Flicker or Pulse profile directly from the component inspector:
Create a new Effect Profile asset

Or by right clicking on your project browser:
Create a new Effect Profile asset