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Component Icon Effect Pulse Component

Add a cool runtime pulsing visual FX. Makes your light and volumetric beam look like a flashing beacon.

Effect Pulse Demo

This effect is compatible with Unity's Light, the Volumetric Light Beam and the Volumetric Dust Particles components.

Inspector Effect Pulse


This Effect component can be attached to a Volumetric Light Beam or to a realtime Unity SpotLight. You can use this button at the bottom of the Volumetric Light Beam inspector.

Attach Effect to a light beam



Frequency of pulsing.
Higher value means the pulsing will occur faster.


Intensity Amplitude

The amplitude of intensity change which will be applied to the Light and/or Beam.
A random value will be picked each time inside that range.


Components to Change

Decide which component to change among:

Restore Intensity On Disable

Restore the default intensity when this component is disabled.